Stories about nature & science

We create cinematic stories about people in nature and science. They make us brim with curiosity and hold a mirror to our perspective on the world and ourselves. Whether they are scientists, conservationists or thought leaders, they lead with their questions and go off the beaten path. This is the spirit of Jester&Wylde. The people and journeys we follow exude a contagious passion that bring color to important stories.
Together with our partners in science and conservation, our films reach audiences online, at film festivals, on television, in museums and wherever we can excite childlike curiosity.

Our latest project

Microelectronics / TU Delft


Close to the source

We collaborate at the source of the story with the experts. We read their scientific papers, we are in the field and make sure we understand the stories involved before we start production. With our documentary approach we showcase not just the results but the entire journey. Our films, whether short or long, bring passion, quality but most of all the human aspect of nature and science across. Our projects always start with a conversation. Let’s talk.