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We believe in the power of curiosity. It makes us reach out, question and broaden our perspectives. Jester&Wylde was founded to spark that childlike curiosity in important stories from science and nature. Stories have the power to excite change when they don’t spell out solutions but activate audiences and take them off the beaten path.
With our unique position between production for broadcast and niche science communication we can develop brand new stories directly at the source and produce for both niche and wider audiences.

Meet Sander

“There’s no topic I can’t get fascinated about. This hunger for new perspectives and ideas led me to the science of biology and the natural world because it is full of inspiration. I love science for its unyielding drive of discovery and putting questions front and center. In my work on factual documentaries and television I stimulate that scientific inquiry and quest to know more. For me, people and their motivation make stories powerful. 

I want to be taken along and have my world flipped upside down.”

Sander in front of a chalkboard full of physics equations

Sander is lauded for making complex stories tangible. His work ranges from international broadcast releases to campaigns for research institutes, universities and museums. He’s an entrepreneurial spirit who sees opportunity everywhere and loves collaboration with diverse parties.

Meet Tim

“I have always been fascinated by the world around me and approached it with an open mind, which has constantly fueled my creativity. My passions for nature, storytelling, and filmmaking have been a driving force. After a career as a freelance wildlife filmmaker Sander introduced me to the world of science. In this field I find the same levels of curiosity. Being able to use my imagination and skills to share the inspiring stories of the incredible work done by others is an honor. “
As a filmmaker Tim has a long history in visual storytelling. His work has been seen in international cinema-released films, television programs and at numerous prestigious international film festivals.

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