How we work

Creating film is a fundamentally collaborative experience. That’s why in our projects we put an emphasis on the people involved, in front and behind the camera. We take time to understand the stories and let them develop. We believe strongly that genuine connection during production will translate to more humane and exciting documentary films as a result.
Through this process we can develop tailored visual styles and formats that fit your story best. We go beyond the production aspect of film to ask why and for whom we are telling the stories we set out to deliver.


We collaborate directly at the source of excitement and knowledge, with the experts themselves. To us, the journey and the questions are paramount. Our proces always start with listening and learning. We delve deep into your research to translate it for specific audiences. Before lights, camera and action, we are on the same page about what we want to convey.


We follow the action as it happens. In our productions we mix scenes straight from the action with thoughtful interviews and conceptual footage to enhance the story. Many of our projects are about complex topics such as quantum physics or evolution. Showing the people and process behind the mission makes these stories unforgettable. We make sure no stone is left unturned, whether it’s personal motivation, new imaging techniques or places the audience would otherwise never see.


A good story is written in many iterations, the same goes for film. In our post production, which is the moment we cut our films, we have a clear feedback process so we can perfect the story together with the experts.



A good project doesn’t end at delivery but finds new ways to reintroduce itself. We always keep an eye on opportunities to retell and reproduce projects in new and exciting contexts. Whether it is a tv program pitch or a reel within an exposition, throughout our network we connect the ends to make your story reach diverse audiences.