A journey through our chemistry

In a world full of chemistry, collaborations foster the strongest connections.

“Together we achieve fantastic thing”

Chemistry is all around us. It governs our planet, our bodies and our wellbeing. In the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the VU Amsterdam researchers work together on groundbreaking topics. Get to see in a journey through our chemistry how a diverse set of people make impact that is greater than the sum of its parts. These people guide us through the grander story of chemistry and pharmaceutical research, its insights, collaborations and exciting projects.

With a clever storyline we chained the story of 18 researchers together in one overall film. Each of them are filmed in their respective lab or research setting. Next to the main department video, we produced seven thematic videos. These thematic videos tell the story of the core themes and challenges the department is working on.

VU Amsterdam


  • 1 main video
  • 1 promo
  • 7 thematic video
  • 21  social quotes