Scientist explore our future with microelectronics

“Can you imagine a life without chips?”

Microelectronics is one of the most advanced techniques humankind has ever developed. In our increasingly tech-savvy world, these chips are all around us and their influence on our everyday lives is growing fast. Scientists are exploring its seemingly unlimited potential; from chips in the brains, to autonomous systems on the moon or sensing invisible signals.

TU Delft is home to the scientists who are driven to shape the future. This series portrays a range of these experts and their personal stories. Each of them has a different background, motivation and vision. Through their eyes the audience gets to see what the day of tomorrow might behold, with all its potential and challenges.

TU Delft


  • 3 short films
  • 1 trailer
  • 9  social quotes



“We are exploring the boundaries of our knowledge”