Physics and Astronomie @ VU

Physicists present their perspective on the fundamentals ruling our universe in 1 minute

“We’re seeing things for the first time”

If we look precise enough can particles pop in and out of existence? How can we use light as a surgery tool? Is it possible to photograph smaller than atoms without even using a lens? Can we harvest proteins as microrobots from plant leaves?
These are only a few of the big and exotic questions physicists ask on a daily basis. Our reality is governed by the laws and applications of physics. They are everywhere around us. To really see what the trained physicist sees however, takes ages of research and education.
We beg to differ. For 35 principal investigators we made 1 minute inspiring shorts that nosedive straight into their research. We distill their complex world to its essence and give visuals to unseen phenomena with our metaphorical shots. Each of the scientists belongs to a section such as Astro- Particle Physics, or Biophotonics and Laser Applications. For each of the sections we dive deeper into the excitement and perspective for the wonderous world of physics.

VU Amsterdam


  • 37 one minute shorts
  • 6 section short films
  • 74 social quotes
  • 120 stills


2022 / 2023

“What questions have not been asked before?”