The Wadden Sea

A quest to rebalance the natural rhythm between humankind and the Wadden Sea.

How to protect the natural rhythm?

In the north of the Netherlands lies a highly dynamic natural landscape shaped, by the power of the currents, where humans and nature have coexisted for thousands of years. The Wadden Sea, which is the biggest tidal mudflat in the world, is of global importance to millions of migrating birds. Humans try to control and benefit from this constantly changing landscape with dikes, mass tourism and drilling for gas among other things. All this human activity pressures nature and the animals that depend on it.
This short documentary series produced in collaboration with the local NGO ‘De Waddenvereniging,’ delves into pressuring issues shaping the Wadden Sea. Each episode portraits protagonists in their mission. Against the current they try to find ways to create a more natural balance between humans and their natural landscape. Follow them in the field while transcend boundaries, protect migrating bird populations, and confront the challenges posed by dredging activities. These stories are combined with breathtaking wildlife film scenes,providing a close-up view into the extraordinary ecology of the Wadden Sea. The goal of this series is to show the splendorous beauty of the landscape and how we humans are an integral part of it.



  • 3 short docs
  • 3 trailers
  • 1 moodfilm
  • 9 social quotes


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