A search for how farming, consumerism and nature can go hand in hand

Finding a delicate balance

The Netherlands is a prime example of how intensive agriculture can have a lot of friction with nature conservation. The research project VeenVitaal focusses on the extensively farmed peat meadow fields around Amsterdam. The big question is how agriculture could combine with nature conservation and still be economically viable for its farmers. It’s an important but difficult question. Luckily the project team is diverse, with scientists, NGO’s, farmer groups and landscape managers. Many and sometimes clashing perspectives are involved to find the right balance.
We show all the complexity and contrasts of this hot topic from within this research project as it develops. We take you along in how we can strive for a better world even when we are not always fully aligned in perspective.

VU Amsterdam


  • 1 Introduction film
  • Yearly progression film
  • 1 final documentary


In production