What is Nature?

A fundamental question that should proceed all the ideas we have about it

“It’s what humans make of it”

When talking about nature, we mostly assume that we talk about the same thing, but is that really the case? An ecologist might have a completely different perspective than an economist. Our perspective on nature very much determines how we interact with our environment. The impact of humans can be seen all around the globe. This film explores perspectives on the question: What is nature? Perhaps, nature is what people make of it. So… what should we make of it?
This short theatrical documentary was produced as a public service announcement from the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute. With this film we wanted to open the discussion wide about how we relate to our natural surroundings and what we actually consider part of nature or not. This short documentary is currently running at several film festivals and will have a public release later in 2023.

ASI’s Biodiversity and Natural Resources research cluster


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Selected filmfestivals

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

Green Screen Wildlife Film Festival